Our product is unique as we supply it in form of dried calyces of hibiscus that are purple red in colour. We supply high quality of rosella by utilizing the most advanced production technology in conjunction with strict quality control guidelines. Because of our high quality standards and reliable delivery schedules, we have been able to build and maintain a solid customer base. In addition, we work closely with government institutions like KIRDI and public universities to ensure strict quality control guidelines.


Rosella has a cranberry-like flavor, and a sweetener is often added to the beverage should you require. The drink can also be combined with other fruits juices such as orange or passion juice just to enhance the taste. Our rosella is pure, free from additional flavours or spices giving an opportunity to customers to enjoy home made natural drink.


Hot rosella

Chilled rosella

Quality issues

Our product is approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) using the KEBS methods for microbiological examination of foods.

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