Whereis Enterprises was established in the year 2008.We specialize in selling of a non-alcoholic beverage known as rosella or roselle, which is a healthy beverage derived from hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) plant.
The company started focusing on hibiscus drink in the year 2011 after spending many years researching on the health benefits of the plant.The drink is consumed hot or chilled by people around the world and is prepared by either boiling the calyces in water for a few minutes, deeping the calyces in hot water or soaking them in cold water.


Our mission is to satisfy our customers by supplying high quality healthy beverages using the best choices that nature has to offer and the best technology in the market today.


To be the best supplier of health beverages in terms of quality and customers satisfaction for healthier and improved lifestyles.


We believe that beverages should provide for the spirit as well as the body and therefore strive to ensure that our product enriches the experience of life itself.

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